* The Governor of Rhode Island issued Executive Order 20-50 on June 29, 2020, mandating a 14-day quarantine for anyone coming to Rhode Island from any state with 5% or greater positivity rate. Those who have had a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of arrival do not need to quarantine. States with a 5% or greater positivity rate can be found at https://tinyurl.com/RI-Travel. Flight crews, healthcare and public safety professionals are exempt from the quarantine orders.Read More

Noise Contour Maps

Mitigation measures for acquisition, sound insulation and voluntary land acquisition for noise are detailed in the maps below. 

Exhibit 1: North View
Exhibit 2: Central View
Exhibit 3: South View

For more information, contact W. D. Schock Land Acquisition Site Office at 401-732-8320.